Low-rate Server (custom rate, approximately x20)
4 Classes (Thief included)
All 3rd job Skills available at level 70
UG has AOE Skill (Shadow Slash)
Currently droppable max grade: G55/G59
Multiple Raid dungeons (accessible with party)
Island of North (Xmas event)
Christmas Presents during the holiday season
New Main Town (Clash Fort)
Custom Quests System (Level 1-80)
Old-School Int-like areas
3rd Job Quest (Imperfect Elements)
Craftable Element Picker-pets (Geons, Imp elements)
Active team, open to ideas and suggestions
Daily-Weekly updates
Int-like PVP Balance
Recoded Multiple skills (stat bonuses, damage)
DDOS Protected Host
Daily PVP Tournaments
Jewels are ONLY available as PVP Tournament Rewards
Daily Battlefield
Daily F10 System (drops highest grade currently available)
Every item in Donation Store is obtainable by non-donators
Daily EXP, Immortal, Damage Events
Soul Destruction Wisdom Based, single target (AOE at level 70)
Riding System, New Costumes